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How much does it cost to hire an online session musician or music service?


It really depends on what you need them to do. A session request can be anything from 30 seconds of dead simple piano chords to a feature film score full of complex multi-track parts. In most cases you'll have written the part you want recorded, but you may not have notated it, or perhaps you'd prefer a skilled instrumentalist who knows his/her instrument much better than you to write the part for you.
Because there are so many variables and we want to ensure that our musicians are paid fairly, we provide a quote request form. It's a lot quicker and easier for both parties than trying to work out the fees from a huge, cumbersome price list.


I've never hired a musician this way before. Is there anything I need to know?


Don't worry! It's actually very straight forward. All of our members work remotely on a regular basis and will be able to tell you exactly how the process works, and what they'll need from you.
It's worth knowing that sending badly prepared files (e.g. stems that don't line up properly, scores with mistakes, midi rendered to audio at the wrong sample, etc), can waste a lot of time, and is likely to end up costing you more since you're paying for someone's expertise AND time. Take a bit more time and care when you assemble the necessary files, and your session will go smoothly.
Because you won't be in the studio during recording, think carefully about the results you want and give the musician/technician as much detail as you can to avoid sending files back and forth (also potentially costing you more) until you're happy.


How long will I have to wait for my recordings/services?


All of our members are used to tight deadlines and are capable of rapid turnaround (sometimes within a few hours of agreeing the session terms). Of course it will depend on how much you want them to do. Always specify your deadline when requesting a quote, especially if it's urgent.


I want to join your directory. How do I get listed?


Please visit our Apply for a Listing section for details. You will need to review our listing criteria and make sure you meet them before you apply. We do not reply to applicants who don't meet our criteria - there just aren't enough hours in the day.



Please read the guidelines BEFORE applying - applications that do not follow them will be automatically declined.



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